The 34th International Virtual Conference for Muslims of Latin America and Caribbean Concludes its sessions

The 34th International Virtual Conference for Muslims of Latin America and Caribbean organised by Islamic Da’awah Centre in Brazil in coordination with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da’awah and Guidance in Saudi Arabia, titled: “Endowment and its Role in Serving the Muslim Minorities in Latin America and Caribbean.”

The virtual conference which took place via “Zoom” over two days, with the presence of His Excellency Sh. Dr. Abdullatif bin Abdilaziz Al ash-Sheikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, and 30 scholars, thinkers and Islamic figures in Latin America and Caribbean.

The closing statement noted the 34 researches and worksheets that were presented during the conference and included: the concept of endowment, its forms and conditions, the fields of endowment and its importance to serve the Muslim minorities, endowments from a legal perspective, historical and modern examples for endowments, the causes of weakness of endowments in modern and the means to activate it amongst the Muslim minorities.

The conference recommended in its closing statement of the vast concept of endowments and its importance in building the Islamic civilisation and the needs of the Muslim minorities to endowments and spreading the culture of endowments through all available means, especially modern technology.

The conference also recommended holding workshops and focus sessions for the trustees of endowments to improve and develop management of endowments and its internal regulations to match successful performance criteria, and the forming of partnerships between the managements of endowments and Zakah funds to move endowments forward.


Source: SPA.

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