Marsad sends condolences to the family of Muslim Swiss activist Nora Illi

The Muslim Minorities Monitor mourns the loss of the Swiss Muslim activist Nora Illi after a long fight with cancer with deep sadness and remorse.

We at the Monitor as we receive such tragic news, we offer our deepest and sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Illi in particular and to the community of Muslim minority in Switzerland in general.

Mrs. Illi has set an example of sacrifice and persistence in principles, as a shining star in defending the rights of Muslims in Switzerland and Swiss Muslim women.

Her Niqab (Burka) was more than just a piece of clothing, it was a symbol of faith in which she believed and spent most of her adult life defending.

We at the Monitor as we mourn the loss of Mrs. Illi, we hope to see a thousand more like her of Muslim women rising with their community in circumstances where everyone and everything stand against them

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