10 Dutch Municipalities Joined in a governmental secret investigation about mosques and Islamic organisations in Netherlands

Dutch newspaper “NRC Handelsblad” revealed that no less than 10 municipalities have conducted a secret investigation about mosques, Islamic organisations, Imams and Muslim community leaders in Netherlands.

The newspaper pointed out that the investigation, which took a cost of 300 thousands EUR, was funded by the dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counter Terrorism Agency (NCTV) and included several major cities which include major Muslim communities in them, and that the investigation was conducted by a private consultant company called “Nuance door Training en Advies”.

The municipalities which contributed in the investigations are Rotterdam, Delft, Almere, Huizen, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Zoetermeer, Veenendaal and Ede.

The news paper also mentioned that the primary objective of the investigation was to identify the background of the Imams and the active Islamic organisations in the country, and investigating their relations to extreme terrorist groups.


Several Islamic organisations and Muslim figures have expressed their anger towards the investigation, which led to a lack of trust between the government and the Muslim minority in Netherlands.

A manager of one of the mosques which was subject to the investigation said that they feels deceived, after the relationship between them and the municipality was good. However, the recent events have shaken the trust between them,

“Stop suspicions against the Muslim communities…

This investigation forms a direct violation of the law and the constitution… and and a violation of the separation between church and state that we pretend to have.”

Nourdin El Ouali – a politician and a director of an Islamic organisation

Muslims of Netherlands

Census data estimates the number of Muslims to be 70,000, forming about 4% of the dutch population.
however, these data were mainly based on ethnicity rather than on creed.

Although there are several organisations that represent Muslims in the Netherlands, and demand their rights and organise their religious affairs, but dutch Muslims are still suffering greatly from Islamophobia, especially after some practice from far right politicians in recent years.

The Far Right and Enmity of Islam

The far right has contributed greatly in the past years in increasing hate crimes against Muslims in the Netherlands and enticing Islamophobia in the country.

Especiaaly with the increasing hostility from the leader of “The Party for Freedom” who is famous for his great enmity of Islam and Muslims in the Netherlands.

Geert Wilders, leader of The Party for Freedom.

Wilders have called publicly to the ban of Qur’an in the Netherlands, claiming that it includes texts that violates the law. He also called the Muslims to tear up half the Qur’an is they wish to remian in the country, and he accused the prophet Muhsammed (peace be upon him) of extremism and terrorism, amongst other practices which offend Islam and the Muslim minority in the Netherlands.


Sources: NRC Handelsblad, Anadolu Agency, Muslim Minorities Monitor.


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