Our Objectives

  1. To pressure all governments that discriminate against its citizens of marginalised Muslim minorities within available means and mechanisms so that the minorities could have at least their basic rights.
  2. To lead cooperation amongst all relevant parties; institutions, organisations, unities, formal and informal forums and all entities that address the legal framework of the rights of minorities to achieve an extraordinary integration between the needs of the minorities and the resources of the organisations.
  3. To create a professional, universal and rising media awareness of Muslim minorities issues not limited to a race, region or urgent crisis.
  4. To build human and institutional capacities through providing training to social and institutional leaders and and provide them with the legal culture and the means to spread it amongst the community.
  5. To foresee the future vision for Muslim minorities, defining the potential risks and obstacles that could be involved, especially the developing minorities that gradually transform to formal citizens in their new countries