In full view of Indian police, Hindu extremists burn down mosques and other properties of Indian Muslims

Special report by Muslim Minorities Monitor.

Tens of mosques and even more properties belonging to Indian Muslims in Tripura, India have been burnt and destroyed at the hands of Hindu protesters on Wednesday 26th of Oct. 2021. The rage violence ignited in response to alleged violence against Hindus in Bangladesh, the neighbouring country to the Hindu dominated state.

Witnesses claim that police forces stood watching as the extremists vandalised Muslim properties, burnt down mosques and looted Muslim-owned stores. A claim denied by the official authorities.

Activists and media outlets circulated videos on social media documenting tens of extremists as they vandalised and burnt mosques and Muslim-owned properties in the state.


A delegation from Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, an Indian Islamic socio-religious organisation, have submitted a formal protest to the prime minister of Tripura State and the Police Chief as well. The delegation also demanded the authorities to take every legal action to bring the perpetrators to justice and ensure the safety of Indian Muslims.

In a statement to Aljazeera, the former chairman of  the National Commission For Minorities, an Indiana government agency, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan said that Tripura state has been on fire since last Thursday, confirming that there are attacks targeting the Muslim minority in the state the resulted in arson and vandalism of Mosques and Muslim properties.

BJP Spokesperson assured that the minorities department in the party is monitoring the events closely to ensure that these “unwanted incidents” never occur again.

Opposition parties blamed “politically motivated marginal elements” close to BJP the ruling party.

Sushmita Dev, a member of the Indian National Congress, said to BBC that BJP the ruling party is trying to use the protests in Bangladesh to attract voters in the coming municipal election next November.

How Did The Story Begin?

A group of “Vishwa Hindu Parishad” protesters – Pinaki Das

The story began when violence raged in Bangladesh in response to Hindus “disgracing the Qur’an” in a Hindu gathering. The violence resulted in the death of 7 Hindus.

Counter protests rages in Tripura, the neighbouring state surrounded by Bangladesh from 3 sides, the protesters called for the end of violence against Hindus in Bangladesh.

Monitors warned from the participation of an extremist group called “Vishwa Hindu Parishad” thar is famous for its hatred and violence against the Muslims of India and their strong ties with the ruling Party BJP.

The protests in India soon turned to vandalism and arson, several eyes witnesses confirmed the participation of VHP in the violence.

The Muslim Minority in India

Indian Muslims perform Eid prayer in the Grand mosque of “Jama” in Delhi, India – Reuters.

Indian Muslims form nearly 10% of the global population of Muslims worldwide. With a population estimated between 200 and 220 million Muslims, being the largest Muslim minority in the world and the one of the largest Muslim gathering worldwide.

Despite their large number, Indian Muslims have been subject to numerous violation of their rights, especially in the state of Assam where nearly 2 million Muslim are being stripped of their citizenship and kept in detention camps after the government categorised them as “illegal immigrants”.
Hate crimes and Islamophobia have increased significantly in India after the BJP came to power in 2014. The party has been in the spotlight of numerous accusation of having ties with extremist groups and providing them with power and protection from legal prosecution for any of their crimes against the Muslim minority in India.


In 2019, the Supreme Court of India granted the disputed land of historical “Babri Mosque” to the Hindus to establish a temple in its place.

The Muslim Minorities Monitor released a statement in 2019 condemning the decision and calling for giving the land to its rightful owners, the Muslims.


Sources: Muslim Minorities Monitor, Aljazeera, BBC.



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